Ryan preaching at Liquid Church (April, 2012)

Ryan with Lauren, and their baby girl, Caroline!

Pregnant mom at 23 weeks (June, 2012)

Ryan, preaching in his element (June, 2012)

Ryan and Curnel in Dominica (March, 2010)


Follow the Rabbi - Trekking through the Desert in Israel (July, 2010)


Ryan on the John Muir Trail - Northern California (July, 2008)


Ryan's biggest fans, Mom & Dad


Ryan with his wife, brothers, sister and nephews in Austin, TX (August, 2010)


Teaching youth in the Portmouth Park, Dominica (November, 2008)


Ryan with his little buddy, Joseph, in Dominica (July, 2009)


Yes, Ryan does like Karaoke, and he used to have hippie hair! Here, singing with Robb at De Champ, Dominica (March, 2009)


Lauren and Ryan at #1 Beach, Dominica (February, 2010)


Ryan and his dad at a UT Longhorn Basketball game (March, 2008)


Middleham Falls - just another day in paradise, Dominica


Ryan and Lauren's sunset view from their porch in Dominica


In.Light.In., the youth outreach program in Dominica, happens here every week.


Ryan saying goodbye to the C.A.L.L.S. staff and students in Dominica (April, 2010)


Guest Speaking in Dominica (February, 2009)


Devotion time at In.Light.In. (October, 2008)


Ryan playing softball with his old team, "Shake N' Bake!" (March, 2010)


Ryan and Lauren after Lauren's heart surgery at Mayo clinic (June, 2010)


Team Lauren - family who came and supported Lauren during her surgery (June, 2010)


It's MillerTime!


Ryan Miller is a passionate Christian speaker and community organizer who has worked as a Youth and Family Pastor, Church Planter, Missionary in a 3rd world country, Campus Pastor & Director of Pub Theology. 

Ryan has been involved in ministry since 1998 preaching and teaching in a variety of unique contexts. Whether serving troubled teens in the inner city, discipling middle to upper class youth in the suburbs, reaching out to atheists in hipster communities, preaching to medical students or bringing the love of Jesus to orphans living in third world poverty, Ryan has consistently found an effective way to share the good news of God's love. 

Please, feel free to send Ryan an email if you have any specific questions and/or would like to book Ryan for an event or bring Ryan to your church for ministry consultation. (

Ryan is a licensed Pastor with a BA in Religion (Baylor University) and a Masters from Denver Seminary with an emphasis in Youth and Family ministries. To read more about Ryan Miller, go here...

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