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Q: What's your favorite movie?

A: I have a top 7 that seems to change every few years, but I have to say that the 2 movies I continue to claim as my all time favorites are "Jerry Maguire" and "Legends of the Fall." Yes, gentlemen... let the teasing begin!

Q: What books have made the greatest impact upon your life and ministry?

A: This changes with diferent stages in life, for sure! Other than the Bible, I'd have to say anything by Henri Nouwen and Abraham J. Heschel are always classic. Dallas Willard's Divine Conspiracy was revolutionary for me many years ago. I'm also a huge fan of Lawrence Kushner, Brian McLaren and whatever comes through the Homebrewed Christianity pipeline. I enjoy reading Peter Rollins, Peter Enns, John Dominic Crossan, N.T. Wright, Rachel Held Evans and Jon Sobrino. I'm also an unashamed fan of Rob Bell's work and recommend his stuff to the masses.

Q: Who has had the greatest impact on your life as a mentor?

Other than my parents, Dean Wertz, my Pastor while attending Denver Seminary. He really knew how to shepherd his flock, and treated me as a brother. He modeled the best example of a healthy family with good rhythm balancing ministry, work, life and leisure when I was a young pastor.

Q: What do you like to do for fun?  

A: My ideal day is to sit in a coffee house and/ or a brew pub and have good conversation... I love wilderness adventures, and have been blessed to venture on some amazing hikes and backpacking treks throughout the years. I love to watch my SA Spurs, Texas Longhorns (The LORD's favored team)! I enjoy taking walks with Lauren, playing softball, running, walking around Platt Park and Wash Park and going out to eat for Tex-Mex!

Q: What has been your favorite place to live?

A: That's a tough one! I end up falling in love with every place we've lived over the years. I'm a bit partial to Austin as it's my hometown. I even enjoyed Waco, TX if you can believe it! Denver is absolutely beautiful with the Rockies in our backyard. We love it here. San Antonio had its perks too with Spurs fever, good friends and Fiesta every year. Dominica might win first prize as it is probably one of the most gorgeous places on the planet... not to mention that it changed our lives in the most powerful ways!

Q: How would you define your leadership style?

A: I'm a visionary who loves to dive into people's lives and help create intimate community through modeling it to the best of my ability. I can do this with one on one coffee talks or on a stage. I'd say my leadership style is continuously evolving, but I'm always going to be a "feet of readiness" kind of guy who enjoys hitting the streets, planting and seeing where God is moving so that I can partner with his movement of love. I'm definitely a "words" guy, so I've always been an up front leader unceasingly communicating vision and mission to the masses.

Q: Favorite vacation?

A: Boston, 2004!  I'm sorry to my friends in NYC as I know this year brings a bit of bitterness to all Yankee fans.

Q: Favorite professional sports team?


Q: What are your three most exciting moments (outside ministry)?

My Wedding Day, the birth of our first child, and being physically present at the 2006 BCS Championship game at the Rose Bowl watching the most amazing game ever played on a college level.

Q: What were you like as a child?

A: My grade school teachers cannot believe that I'm a pastor! Once, I peed in the neighborhood bully's football helmet because he wouldn't let me play a game of street football. I was a terror with ADHD before it became cool and trendy... My 4th grade teacher told my mother that she better do something about my behavior or I would be kicked out of school. Cure? Ritalin until I was 22!

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

I can't say I know where we'll be living as God has given me a sense of humor about location over the years... . Although, I do long to be rooted in one place. Lauren will be a practicing physician (We'll be "old."). Ideally, we'd love to adopt. Lauren and I would love to be in the middle planting a nonconventional church in the coming years uniquely partnered with health care services, an integrated youth, children and family system as Lauren and I envision being a part of a dynamic, transformative, healthy community centered upon healing where the local church is partnered with physicians as well as counselors and other mission agencies to be the hands and feet of Jesus in a very tangible kindgom movement. I'd like to open a nonprofit brew pub too! Keep dreaming, friends. 

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Ryan Miller is a passionate Christian speaker and community organizer who has worked as a Youth and Family Pastor, Church Planter, Missionary in a 3rd world country, Campus Pastor & Director of Pub Theology. 

Ryan has been involved in ministry since 1998 preaching and teaching in a variety of unique contexts. Whether serving troubled teens in the inner city, discipling middle to upper class youth in the suburbs, reaching out to atheists in hipster communities, preaching to medical students or bringing the love of Jesus to orphans living in third world poverty, Ryan has consistently found an effective way to share the good news of God's love. 

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