Special Messages

Invite Ryan to speak to your church, youth group, camp, retreat, chapel, house church, etc., and be touched with the Word of God. Below, you will find a selection of topics and special messages available for your specific group. Ryan will be happy to modify, mix and match different topics according to the needs of your group. If you aren't finding what you are looking for, just ask! This is only a sampling of many messages given by Ryan. (Booking logistics)

The Ancient Paths

Jeremiah prophesied, "Stand at the crossroads and, LOOK! Ask for the ancient paths. Ask where the good way is, and walk in it and you will find rest for your soul." Israel is seated in the "crossroads" of the ancient world. Most people probably won't get a chance to literally walk the "ancient paths" of Israel. While Ryan is a huge advocate of trekking through the "Holy Land," he understands the reality that many people will never sojourn to Jerusalem or Galilee. At the same time, he strongly believes that the message of Scripture comes alive in life changing ways when we can experience the Bible from the hearts, minds and feet of the men who have walked the dusty roads before our time, exploring the ancient Text in context, and passing the knowledge to us in our modern world(s). Ryan will bring a fresh perspective on the biblical narrative while bringing out the relevant principles of being "light" in the "darkness" through unique story telling, audience participation, pictures and props. These messages regarding the "ancient paths" include (but not limited to): 1. David and Goliath, 2. Samson and Delilah, 3. Standing Stones, 4. Promises and Covenants, 5. Deserts and Wet Feet, etc.

Orphaned Hearts

We don't like to admit certain things which wage war in our heart of hearts until it's too late. Then again, it's never too late according to Ryan, as he presents a delicate subject matter that will change the way you get out of bed every morning. While we live in a world where many children are lacking an earthly father, we have always lived in a time where all young men and women live with orphaned hearts. Ryan spent a couple of years wrestling through his own brokenness relating to an orphaned spirit (he didn't even know was in him), seeing the danger that plagues the soul as we strive for success, approval and recognition in a world that will leave us dry and empty. Ryan will speak with vulnerability in relation to his journey toward understanding the Father's good love and moving toward sonship. Ryan believes this timeless series on true sonship, while simple, helps all ages grasp the profound reality within the human soul, and moves Christians much deeper into the core motivation of why we do the things we do...

Radical Discipleship

What does it mean to be a radical disciple? This title seems almost "cliche" in our current Christian world with popular terminology and buzz words among hip Christian circles in the US. It seems like every Christian website and book speaks about "discipleship" to some degree. In this series of becoming a disciple of Jesus, Ryan will take you into the land of 1st century Israel to help unpack many misconceptions regarding the popular word, "disciple," as it relates to a time and place where Jesus said, "Come. Follow me!" This series will seriously challenge the way you spend your time, money and gifts as the world around you becomes much larger and strangely smaller through following Jesus in every aspect of your day to day life. Ryan is certain that once we begin to intimately move into discipleship the way Jesus intended it to be, we won't have to write adjectives like "Radical" at the beginning of our titles!

Lose Your Life!

Listening to Ryan speak about Jesus' words, "Lose your life to find it." as it relates to his own "dreams," goals and aspirations might give some much needed relevancy to these frightening yet life giving words. In the spring of 2008, Ryan and Lauren took the road less traveled, sold their home and the majority of their possessions to live in the 3rd world country of Domincia. Ryan will speak about the difficulty of leaving "home," and counting it all "loss" for the sake of Jesus as he began to see the greater blessings in life after denying self and living with greater purpose beyond his own limited vision.

M & M's ...

Ryan and Jeff Bruecker - a friend and fellow youth pastor - like to spend quality time talking over the phone regarding life, church, youth ministry and pondering, "What works?" Ryan and Jeff talk about all kinds of new methods and cool programs, and for the most part, they've seen it all! There's not much new under the sun... As they were talking one day, Ryan said, "There are really only 2 things that are needed in youth ministry...  any ministry, for that matter: 2 M's: 1. Mentors and 2. Missions!" Ryan will help break down his simple statement in this conversational message about the 2 M's necessary in every Christian ministry that longs to bear real fruit.

Reclaiming The Biblical Feasts

What's a shofar got to do with Jesus? Why is blood necessary? Can you tell me the difference between the two goats at Yom Kippur? Pentecost isn't an original Christian holiday? What's a high priest? These are just a few questions that come to mind when diving into the biblical holidays found in Leviticus 23. After teaching over these biblical feasts throughout the years, Ryan sees that the Christian church has barely skimmed over these feasts that point toward Jesus. Ryan will help people see how Christians can engage these festivals with greater joy seeing Christ at the center of the festivities!

Foolish Love

Everyone has heard of Francis Chan's, Crazy Love! Ryan and his good friend, Brian Sinischo, speak of God's love as simply FOOLISH! From the story of the Prodigal Son to the words, "Father, forgive them. They don't know what they are doing.", Ryan will show you that God is really foolish compared to the patterns of this world. Taking another step back from this truth, Ryan will help unpack the implications of such a statement as the church does its best to become counterintuitive and foolish for the sake of God's kingdom purposes.


Come walk to Caesarea Philippi and get a dose of the "gates of hell." Ryan will spend some time talking about ancient pagan worship, syncretism (mixing religions), and what God has to say about it all... then, Jesus will have "his turn" with his disciples! Ryan will speak about the church going to places of filth, being the light in the dark, and allowing the love of Jesus to transform and heal communities as we become dangerously offensive against the Enemy putting on the full amor of God. This series will cover topics such as spiritual warfare, redemption, the body of Christ as ONE, and fearless love.


The apostle Pauls speaks a lot about the fullness of God within the life of a believer in Christ in his letter to the Colossians and Ephesians. This short series will explore the reality of God's full-ness in us! You will be awakened and your heart will leap out of your chest every morning as you take a deeper look into the Word of the LORD as it relates to the mystery of the good news of Jesus.


Starting from the Garden of Eden, Ryan will end in Revelation from one garden to the final garden. This talk will cover the blood of Abel and the blood of Jesus, the tree of knowledge of good and evil and the tree that stands for the healing of the nations!

Peculiar Entry

Take a look at Jesus' final entrance into Jerusalem while the crowd shouts, "Hoshanah!" Ryan will speak to the condition of the human heart, longing for a kingdom of this world while tracing the path of Jesus toward his death, as he shows the root of the tears of Jesus in this celebratory entrance!

Simple Sermon

Ryan and his good buddy, Wes Newell, memorized the Sermon on the Mount in the Fall '09. Ryan was convinced that if he and Wes wanted to follow Jesus as accountability partners, they better know the teachings of Jesus. So, they spent each day together in prayer and conversation through Matthew 5-7. This series can be taken a part piece by piece, and depending on your group, Ryan will preach/teach according to needs of your audience.


Ever wonder about the roots of the Eucharist/Holy Communion/Lord's Supper? Ryan will explain the meaning of the various cups used in the Passover meal through the eyes of a 1st Century Jew. Depending on the denomination of your church and its policies, the best way to end this talk is through the act of Holy Communion/Eucharist/Lord's Supper. 


Great like the Dallas Cowboys? This message will help the world see what Jesus meant when he said, "They will do even greater things than these..." as Ryan moves into the heart of John 13-17.  

Ministry in Context

Inner city swimming pools, skate parks, large gymnasiums, camps, beaches, parks and more... Ryan has done ministry in both large and small church settings, from the inner city to the suburbs, the USA to a tiny country in the Caribbean, reaching out to the poor and the rich, alike. With a huge budget to having no budget, ministry can be done in any context according to Ryan. In this series, Ryan will speak about the successes and failures that come with doing ministry and bringing our own expectations to the table. This series will be most helpful if the group wants to have a long Q and A time...

Ryan greatly respects the Word of God, and is deeply honored to have been awakened to its truth as many mentors, writers and church leaders have helped him grow in knowledge and wisdom over the years. He gives special thanks to his parents for giving him a firm foundation along with his wife, Lauren, as well as many pastors, theologians and friends along the journey. 


It's MillerTime!

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Ryan Miller is a passionate Christian speaker and community organizer who has worked as a Youth and Family Pastor, Church Planter, Missionary in a 3rd world country, Campus Pastor & Director of Pub Theology. 

Ryan has been involved in ministry since 1998 preaching and teaching in a variety of unique contexts. Whether serving troubled teens in the inner city, discipling middle to upper class youth in the suburbs, reaching out to atheists in hipster communities, preaching to medical students or bringing the love of Jesus to orphans living in third world poverty, Ryan has consistently found an effective way to share the good news of God's love. 

Please, feel free to send Ryan an email if you have any specific questions and/or would like to book Ryan for an event or bring Ryan to your church for ministry consultation. (millertimeministries@yahoo.com)

Ryan is a licensed Pastor with a BA in Religion (Baylor University) and a Masters from Denver Seminary with an emphasis in Youth and Family ministries. To read more about Ryan Miller, go here...

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