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"I consider Ryan Miller a voice for a new generation of believers, a generation that's willing to change and question not only what they do for God but who they are in God. He is a man with a great calling - to encourage people to find community and identity within the body of Christ and to motivate people to learn and grow from the foundation of our very real and active faith. Listen to him well with your hearts open and you will be changed for life. God's hand is working in this man's life, and you will know it when you meet him - something that speaks for itself." - Rahul Jacob (Medical Student and Worship Leader/ Portsmouth, Dominica)

"Ryan Miller is the kind of man you want speaking into the lives of your teenagers. He is honest, authentic, real, and absolutely passionate about communicating God's Word. What I love about Ryan is that he is the same guy in person as he is when he is teaching. I would trust Ryan to ministry to my students anytime.” - Jeff Bruecker (Jr. High Pastor: Daybreak Church/ Carlsbad, CA)

 "Ryan Miller is a man who passionately pursues God, loves Scripture, and desires to communicate both to anyone who has ears to hear. His faith is contagious; you cannot spend time in Ryan's presence without being personally changed." - Brad Widstrom EdD (Assistant Professor: Youth and Familiy Ministries at Denver Seminary, CO) 

"In a world of social media & superficial friends, it was a gift to have Ryan speak deeply into the lives of students at our church.  Ryan has an authentic, contagious passion for Jesus & the remarkable ability to connect a first-century rabbi's teaching to the hearts & minds of 21st century teens. If you're looking for a leader to set your students on fire... it's Miller Time!" – Tim Lucas (Lead Pastor, Liquid Church)

“The greatest teachers co-exist in two mutually dependent yet vastly different camps: the mind and the heart.  They command respect through their intimate knowledge and mastery of the minutia while simultaneously stirring up curiosity and questions - the seat of the desire to learn.  Great teachers augment unflinching discipline and study with passion and a desire for students to grasp the topic at hand.  Ryan Miller is a man who exemplifies these qualities.  A voracious mind and a heart that longs for people to know The Lord and His Word fuel his teaching.” – John Pitt III (MD/ Knocksville, TN)

“Ryan Miller is a gifted teacher and speaker, no question. It is clear, when he teaches, that he loves the Word of God and His people. As someone who spent several years leading and planning weekly worship with Ryan, I know that he is more than a charismatic speaker. Hours of wrestling with scripture, devouring texts, praying and listening are but a small part of how Ryan approaches each message and teaching. More than words on a page or inspiring thoughts, he holds himself accountable to living out the text he is presenting; believing completely that whatever words God has spoken to give out, he himself must also receive. Whether for a youth camp, Sunday morning worship service or small group meeting, the approach is always the same. When he teaches, it is that passion and devotion to a life lived as a journey of a disciple of Jesus that overflows and invites us into a deeper understanding and relationship with God.” – Michelle Vernone (Worship Pastor/ Northern Hills UMC/ San Antonio, TX)

“Starting medical school in a third world country sounded like the Lord was stretching and growing me immensely. Little did I know I would be living, serving, learning and growing with a community lead by my brother in Christ, Ryan. Discipleship talked about means little compared to when you see and hear it lived out. Much truth comes out of the gospel when it is put in context with history and passion that comes from dedicated asking, seeking and knocking. Sitting and listening to Ryan allowed me to see a reflection of the true Rabbi Jesus. His knowledge of biblical history and intimate relationship with our true creator is inspirational and exciting. Unapologetic and always speaking of love is the message that flows from a true servant of Christ.” – Brian Sinischo (MD and Elder: Lighthouse/ Portsmouth, Dominica)

"You know those teachers that you genuinely listen to, are intrigued and inspired by, and challenge you to learn more about the subject they are talking about (then after you leave you actually look information up to learn more)... well, that's the kind of teacher that Ryan Miller is. He is a skilled and passionate teacher who enthusiastically delivers messages that make sense for today. He's the teacher with the Good News that you can't help but keep talking about and finding out more about." – Crystal Gilikin (Women’s Bible Study Leader/ Chesapeake, Virginia)

"Ryan Miller is the most interesting and engaging speaker I've ever had the privilege to converse with and call my friend. His love of the Lord spills out of him and his excitement while speaking is contagious to others around him. Ryan has a thirst for knowledge as he continually wrestles with the Lord and His word to quench. Ryan's unique style of speaking and light hearted personality engaged me from the day I met him and has forever impacted my life." - Wes Donaldson (Student/ U.T. Austin, TX)

“Ryan has a deep love for Christ, the gospel, and the Jewish story.  He is an excellent teacher/communicator: personable, knowledgeable, and passionate.  Ryan built the best discipling system ever put in place in our congregation during his four –five year tenure as youth pastor.  He has a heart for the poor, and his deep devotion to God has been evident over time in every aspect of his life.” - Milton Lewis (Senior Pastor, Northern Hills UMC/ San Antonio, TX)

 “I had the pleasure of working with Ryan Miller while he served as youth pastor at our church. I can say this man was truly the face of God to our youth. He was an amazing pastor, speaker, teacher and friend to all of the youth and adults he came in contact with. He truly loved those that were hard for most of us to like. Under Ryan’s leadership our youth group flourished and grew. I will be forever grateful for the impact Ryan had on my life and my son’s life.” – Carol Schultz (Parent and Veteran Youth Worker/ San Antonio, TX)

"Ryan Miller is a very learned, super passionate disciple of Jesus who has a desire to make an impact on your students by teaching His holy word in a personal way." – David Roper (Youth and Family Pastor: Alamo Heights UMC/ San Antonio, TX)

“Ryan is a man living with revolution written on his heart. He is an anointed teacher whose relaxed style has blessed our community for the last 4 years. We have had Ryan speak at our youth events, community gatherings and church retreats and we always love his gentle insights and nudging questions.” - John Hinkebein (Riverside Community Youth Pastor/ Young Life Mission Staff/ Spring Branch, TX )

"Ryan Miller has an enthusiasm that embraces life and the universe. His desire to question, learn, and embrace all the possibilities the spiritual world has to offer is refreshing when others would like to think that what they have learned in their short lifetime is all there is to know. He and his faith are fully genuine." - Abby Kurth (Parent and Youth leader/ San Antonio, TX)

"Ryan proved himself to be quite a unique teacher in the fact that he displayed a profound and deep understanding of the Scriptures, yet maintained a complete openness to the entire church's discussion and thought process. I believe that it was this balance that allowed the Lighthouse Church to flourish in the face of such a diverse group of beliefs and backgrounds. He carries such an honest passion for truly learning and teaching about Jesus Christ and the Word that I can honestly say that Ryan is one of those people that truly portrays who he is by his exchanged thoughts, his speaking, his actions, and the way he lives his life. The combination of the passion for teaching and the deep wanting of understanding while maintaining the ability to truly listen to others makes Ryan an unbelievable teacher, student, and friend."- Kelsie Weymouth (Stay at home mom / Dickonson, ND)

“Listening to Ryan speak of the Lord is like a wakeup call!” – Jen Miller (Parent and Church Leader/ Ashland, Wisconsin)

“Ryan Miller is a phenomenal teacher, but more importantly he is a follower of the Way. Like the early, first century followers of Jesus Christ, Ryan is a disciple in every sense of the word.
"A disciple is one who receives instruction from another; a scholar; a learner; especially, a follower who has learned to believe in the truth of the doctrine of his teacher" (wordiq.com)
Ryan knows the Truth. He is a scholar of God's Word. And he lives it out loud in his daily relationship with the One who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Ryan Miller is the real deal. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn what it means to be a true disciple of Christ.” – Becky Campbell (Teacher, Mother and Youth Leader/ Houston, TX)

“Ryan is a gifted teacher and speaker. He has such a heart and passion for it which is obviously from the LORD! Ryan has a unique perspective on the Word and a heart for Jewish culture and tradition. His insight into the Hebraic way of life and teaching opens up God's word in a new light that draws people closer to God and challenges them to grow and learn. His passion and zeal is contagious, making others want to dig into the Word and also our Jewish roots, making our Christian journey more tangible. He is a gifted teacher, with a heart for the Lord and for people...reaching the unreached, discipling, and raising up shepherds (leaders) in the body." – Grace Hecker (MD and Worship Leader: Lighthouse Church/ Portsmouth, Dominica)

“Ryan Miller is a faithful servant of Jesus.  He abides in Christ; adores his wife, Lauren; and shines God’s love to people of all ages.  As Ryan’s friend and former pastor I recommend him as a speaker for any group that hungers to hear God’s Word presented in a clear, relevant, and challenging way.”  – Dean Wertz (Sr. Pastor, Hope Community Church/ Denver, CO)

"I have had the privilege of working with Ryan and I have seen him engage groups both large and small in dynamic, spirit filled sessions. Ryan combines a relaxed, approachable style with undeniable passion to infuse life and energy into his teaching. He is a creative, compelling speaker who communicates with heart and integrity. He makes you laugh, he stirs up your thoughts and he inspires you to strive after something better. That's a rare combination." - Ross Amick (UMC Minister/San Antonio, TX)

“Ryan is a passionate worshiper of God, a gifted teacher, and most of all, a devoted follower and disciple of our Rabbi and Lord Jesus Christ. Together he and his wife Lauren also teach by example as they join faith with compassionate action toward their neighbors in every place they have lived. Ryan has great enthusiasm and love for the Word of God and we have learned much in our own journey of faith from his teaching.” – Kevin and Debby Boggs (Ministry leaders: Northern Hills UMC/ San Antonio, TX)

"I had heard great things about Ryan Miller and his style of teaching before attending Lighthouse in Dominica. Being raised Catholic, I was curious as to how he would teach in a non-denominational setting. Ryan’s knowledge and teaching style greatly exceeded my expectations and left me with a strong desire to learn more. Ryan’s enthusiasm and personality sparked a newly revived interest in the Bible not only in me but in my two young children as well. I never expected my 3-year-old and 5-year-old boys to enjoy attending church, but with Ryan as a leader they were excited and looked forward to going every week." – Nick Miller (Medical Student/ Ashland, Wisconsin)

“I remember the exact day that I met Ryan Miller, and I remember thinking to myself that he had something very special to offer the world, and maybe even to offer me personally. After knowing him for 2 years I can confidently say that my initial impression was a complete understatement. What Ryan has given to me, and to so many other people that I know, has been extraordinary. His passion for the Lord is truly contagious. His teaching methods are fresh, vibrant and completely relatable to today's generation of followers of Christ. I encourage everyone, regardless of age or creed, to spend some time getting to know Ryan and his teachings. I will always be grateful for what I have learned from him and look forward to seeing how he will continue to touch the lives of so many other people around him for years to come.” – Ivana Diez (Trainer/ Miami, Flordia)

"Ryan Miller is the most influential and inspiring person I've had the honor to meet. This man is truly on fire for our Lord.” – Zach Schultz (Former youth/ San Antonio, TX)

“Ryan is a great teacher and person. When I was in high school he was the youth pastor at the church I attended. Ryan was a big reason that I went to that particular church because he had a way with connecting to the audience in a way that I had never experienced in church before. He was able to be quirky but at the same time spread the word of the Lord through his messages and related our lives with the Bible. He spoke to us about the Bible in a way that we understood. Ryan was always there when anyone needed him, whether it was a shoulder to cry on or to gather advice. Ryan also inspired me to be the best I could be in all that I did and was going to do. He was also an inspiration for me and impacted me to continue my desire to be a teacher. I believe that anyone would be blessed to hear a message sent from the Lord through Ryan's mouth. I know I was.” – Raylynn Shaw (Former youth and teacher/ Killeen, TX)

“Ryan.....my friend and my priest. Christ spoke the strongest to the priests of the time, because they were entrusted by God; but fell short. Ryan has taken the tradition of the priest and committed his life to Christ. He leads by example and loves wholeheartedly. I have enjoyed getting to know Ryan better and better. Through small group, a church plant, and as we moved to opposite corners of the US. Ryan's faith in Jesus and commitment therein is an example of the Light of God.” - Scott Aldrich (Medical Student/ Miami, FL) 

“Ryan Miller is a passionate teacher of the text.  He will bring it alive in the hearts of families, churches, or any group that wants to understand more deeply G-d's love through His story.  But, the most powerful part of Ryan is his heart.” – Scott Heare (Senior Pastor: Riverside Community Church/ Spring Branch, TX)

“Ryan is always willing to give up his time to meet with anyone of the youth. He always knew how to connect to our generation and hit the points home. And probably the most influential thing he does is that he speaks what God wants him to speak.” – Evan Heitzman (Student/ College Station, TX)

 “Being able to hold the interest of the audience is one of Ryan’s capabilities as he speaks.  But what drew me to Ryan was his ability to make me think. Often times by challenging the comfort of my own western Christian culture.  Biblically sound, Ryan saw God's word as living text and brought it into my life's patterns in ways that made me rethink my own standards of living out my faith.” – Mike Ysteboe (Former youth leader/ San Antonio, TX) 

“Ryan is a dedicated man of the Lord who is always on fire for God. He is serious about his work and is a prime example of a man who strives for passion and worship with every one of his teachings. He is an overall great guy with an amazing heart.” – Ryan Adamson (Former Youth/ San Angelo, TX)

“Ryan is an incredibly gifted speaker and teacher who can simultaneously approach the Bible as a thoughtful academic and a devout Christ follower. Ryan successfully opens up the text to those who are new to the Christian faith while also challenging those who are well versed in the Biblical tradition to see the Bible in a whole new light.” -John and Niki Burnham (Former youth/ Seminarian and Teacher/ Nashville, TN)

“Ryan is a dynamic speaker with a love for Jesus that radiates through his teaching. He is fully invested in preaching the gospel and advancing the Kingdom. Not only does Ryan preach the truth - he lives it daily as he walks in the footsteps of the Messiah.” – Linda Marceau (Pastor: Riverside Community Church/ Spring Branch, TX)

"Ryan’s teachings are uplifting on the spirits of many. He has a child like personality but is very mature and serious when he needs to be. His teaching of God’s great word comes not only from his heart, but from God himself working through him to better all!" – Jeremy Melocarro (Student/ San Antonio, TX)

"I have known and served with Ryan since the beginning of 2003, when he became the Youth Pastor of Northern Hills UMC. From the beginning it was clear that Ryan and his wife Lauren had both been touched by God, and were absolutely devoted to serving Him. …We had more people involved in Youth ministry that ever before. Beyond that, as the youth program started to take shape under his leadership, he extended his reach throughout the church. He developed programs and events that included the whole congregation. … He began serving as a pastor for the whole congregation by preaching periodically at the Sunday services – and preaching messages that were relevant to all ages. Ryan is truly a gifted and blessed man of God, who intently serves as part of his natural instinct. … As has been the case with all that Ryan and Lauren have endeavored, their success speaks to how God is always with them and a part of everything they do. Wherever they go, however they serve, people are touched and the Gospel is spread. God is blessed by their service, and in turn blesses what they do. Ryan as a teacher, Ryan as a preacher and Ryan as a minister are all evidence that God is his navigator and copilot. God’s will is Ryan’s commission, and God’s work is Ryan’s charter. I would go out of my way to hear him speak, and to learn what new revelation God has provided him. And, hopefully learn what God wanted me to hear in the process.”- Jim Pennington (Youth Leader: Northern Hills UMC/ San Antonio, TX)

"I have had the pleasure of getting to know Ryan over the last two years, both as a friend and as a pastor or a church he planted in Dominica. Having spent countless hours talking with him and getting to know him on hikes through the jungle as well as during many theological discussions, I know Ryan's heart truly yearns for a deeper understanding of the Lord. The love Ryan shows for those around him and the way he applies the teachings of Christ in his daily interactions has proved to me that he has a true passion for reaching the lost for the Lord. Ryan's passion for teaching the Word and his ability to relate to those around him makes him an ideal teacher of God's Message." - Billy Weymouth (Navy/ Boise, Idaho)

"Ryan has a gift for the spoken word. Within a gathering of predominantly youth, everyone from young to old, hung on his teaching of the word and his ability to bring the rich heritage of the Old Testament foundations to life. It is amazing to see the connections from old Bible stories to life's daily challenges come alive in urban youth." - Heidi Aspinwall (Director, D.O.O.R./ Miami, FL)

"Ryan is a man who was brought to this earth to serve and that is what he will do. His heart beats for Jesus and his teachings. His blood flows through this body that is alive for Christ alone. When you look into Ryan Millers eyes, you can see the passion that sets him on fire for God. Ryan Miller was the best thing for Northern Hills... My only wish is that more people can be touched by his teaching as much as I have, and look back at however long time they got to know Ryan and smile at the time spent with a true disciple for Christ." - Sam Gorena (Former youth/ Austin, TX)

"If you have ever wondered why you believe what you believe, Ryan can give you the historical perspective that few other teachers can or do. He is also a very challenging teacher. However, the challenges he presents to his students are not merely statements, they are things he, too, struggles with. His transparency as a follower of Christ is quite apparent. While being academically centered, he maintains a unique humility as a preacher and teacher. More than anything, you know that he is there for you if you need him, he is definitely the pastor of his flock." - Aubrey Cawthon (Medical Student/ Shelbyville, TN)

“Ryan Miller is a passionate Christ-follower, whose unique way of approaching Biblical storytelling offers thought-provoking insights into what it means to genuinely pursue God with all of our being. Ryan’s enthusiasm for sharing the love of Christ with others and bringing about the Kingdom of God in the here and now overflow into everything he says and does. I can truly say he has been and will continue to be a blessing in the lives of many as God continues to work through this servant disciple.” - Rev. Nathan Gossett (Pastor/ Highlands United Methodist Church, Higlands, TX)

 "Ryan is an excellent preacher as he always led the congregation by being a role model while seting an example of faith. Ryan's preaching style is like none I have seen before. He doesn’t preach at you; he preaches to you and helps you understand the Word of God. Ryan helps many realize that it's not about just reciting Bible verses or quoting scripture. It’s about understanding the Word of God in context ... applying it to people who are currently a part of society, and using the Word to enrich our lives and the lives of others in our home, and in our communities. His connection with youth as well as with adults is remarkable and he is especially gifted at making all feel welcome. Ryan made me realize that Christianity is not about someone telling you that you are a "sinner" and that you are not pure in the eyes of God. But it’s about knowing that God is truly here with you all the time, and not being afraid to admit you have done wrong in the past but with God’s help and the support of your fellow Christians you will be able to make things right and also set an example of faith to the world." - Guetchyn Millien (Medical Student/ Boston, MA)

"Jennifer and I count ourselves extremely blessed to have had Ryan and his ministry while we were in Dominica. We had just about given up finding a Christian gathering that could cater to our family while we were down there. Fortunately, Ryan founded Lighthouse and our needs were met, and then some. Ryan created such a welcoming and nurturing environment for us and our two children. He is genuinely passionate about teaching God's Truth and his knowledge of the Scriptures, especially related to the Hebrew context of much of the Bible, is truly a gift. His teaching style is very informal and relaxed and helped make a very daunting, but vital, subject much less intimidating. His excitement is contagious and my wife and I, along with our children, greatly enjoyed our time at Lighthouse." - Jason Barnhart (Medical Student/ Greenville, NC)

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Ryan Miller is a passionate Christian speaker and community organizer who has worked as a Youth and Family Pastor, Church Planter, Missionary in a 3rd world country, Campus Pastor & Director of Pub Theology. 

Ryan has been involved in ministry since 1998 preaching and teaching in a variety of unique contexts. Whether serving troubled teens in the inner city, discipling middle to upper class youth in the suburbs, reaching out to atheists in hipster communities, preaching to medical students or bringing the love of Jesus to orphans living in third world poverty, Ryan has consistently found an effective way to share the good news of God's love. 

Please, feel free to send Ryan an email if you have any specific questions and/or would like to book Ryan for an event or bring Ryan to your church for ministry consultation. (millertimeministries@yahoo.com)

Ryan is a licensed Pastor with a BA in Religion (Baylor University) and a Masters from Denver Seminary with an emphasis in Youth and Family ministries. To read more about Ryan Miller, go here...

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